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What's DOS?
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Droid X2 Issues (Known/Unknown)

First, let me say that I'm there have been multiple threads for this issue, however, I wanted to create a new one for the fact that I truly want to see how much of a known issue these are that Verizon claims Google/Motorola hasn't notified them of. I am then going to take this thread to prove that this is a known issue. I work in IT, and have done the proper troubleshooting steps on my phone, such as hard/soft reboot, SAFE Mode, Factory resets, etc. I just spoke with Verizon tonight and the response I got from a supervisor that the most they can do is send me a "certified like new" replacement for my phone, even though it is still under Manufacturer Warranty. I am completely dissatisfied because this is definitely a known issue, and I have done my research on it. Anyway, the issues that I am experiencing are:


- Phone rebooting on its own (This issue occurs whether the phone is idle, being used in an app, browsing the web, streaming video, and in a phone call)

- Phone consistently freezes, requiring a hard reboot of the device

- Menu, Home, Back, and Search buttons take 3-4 presses before registering

- Icons disappearing off of the screen and then reappearing

- Call button not working (takes 4-5 touches before it registers)

- After a reboot when the phone reboots itself, the indicator light will blink as though there is a notification, but there isn't one. It will stop once the first new notification comes in

- After recording a video with the camcorder, upon playback, it plays as white noise (happens on all videos, there has never been anything in background that would interfere. Only occurs on recorded videos; streaming works fine)


I believe  that is all of the issues that I have experienced with the phone thus far. The issues started a month after receiving the phone. I have been putting up with it, but it has been getting consistently worse. It occurred before any apps were installed on the phone, so I know it's not any 3rd party apps causing the issue(s). Also, there is no damage to the phone, such as physical damage (other than normal wear and tear), no water damage, etc. I would appreciate input, and any other issues that anyone may be experiencing with their phones.



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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Droid X2 Issues (Known/Unknown)

Well, if it is still under warranty than you can get ahold of Motorola and send it to them for free repair if it is determined that the phone should be warranteed. You will need to mail them the phone and it will take about a week to get the phone back. This way you know that you are getting your phone back, unless it can't be fixed and you will a new phone, and not a CLNR.

During the time that Moto has your phone you won't have a phone unless you have a backup.

You can go to Motorola's Service and Repair page if you are interested in this route.

I am not a Motorola/Lenovo Employee. I am just a volunteer who happens to be a Moderator. All comments are my own and are not necessarily Motorola/Lenovo's position.

What's DOS?
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Re: Droid X2 Issues (Known/Unknown)

 Yeah, sounds like a warranty issue to me too.