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What's DOS?
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How to restore lost thumbnails

Ok, after a year (or more) without a lot of my thumbnails, I finally figured out how to restore them.

I'm not sure when, or how they got corrupted, but for the longest time, I haven't had all my thumbnails working on my phone. They would regenerate (slowly) at runtime, which made browsing painful at best.

Searching online gave me mixed results of things that didn't work.

Finally, this seemed to work for me:

At your home screen, press the options menu button

then press "Manage Apps"

Then select "All"

Scroll down to "Media Storage" and select it

Click "Clear Data"


I then went into "Gallery" app, which showed NO photos, and NO albums! OUCH! Don't worry, we're not done.

I then took one photo with  my camera (I'm not sure if this step is needed).

Exit the camera and enter the Gallery again. You will see your new photo.

Wait a while, your gallery will be rebuilt and all thumbnails are regenerated... it took a few minutes for me.

NOTE This procedure will delete any saved albums that you have created. It won't delete the pictures (They will all be there in the "All Photos" and "All Videos" albums, but you will have to recreate any separate albums that you had previously.

I can now browse my photos and videos again without having to wait for my thumbnails to be regenerated at run time!

After they were all regenerated, I rebooted my phone to be sure they were still there, they were!

Sorry if this is already common knowledge. Also, I don't know if this procedure will work on all phones, but it worked on my DroidX2.

Now if I could just make up my mind between upgrading to the Razr Maxxx HD, or the S G S3! Tough choice for me, I keep waffling back and forth! Smiley Wink



What's DOS?
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Re: How to restore lost thumbnails

Download Elixir 2 from the Play store and look at your logs (this shows you what's going on in the background).  Usually, the media scanner scans for media at first startup (or after a reboot) and generates thumbnails; the Motorola Gallery app then creates protected versions of these for its own use.  It can take a LONG time and can hinder performance of then entire phone for 5-10+ minutes depending on how many pictures it needs to generate new thumbnails for.

The thumbnails are stored on internal storage.  Unfortunately, Motorola's Gallery app is extremely slow at updating thumbnails (it's part of Blur/DRM Protected Storage), which is why I use QuickPic.  It doesn't help that the read ahead cache (kb) is set to 128kb on our device.  I have a class 10 SD card and it performs like a class 2 without actions taken to change that.

What's DOS?
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Re: How to restore lost thumbnails

Thank you "posted October 24, 2012 by ImRich"  ,.

That top post helped me to restore the thumbnails on my Motorola Atrix 4G . 

I was not aware of the significance of the 'media storage' app (or even it's existence. )   So cleaning out its cache helped.  

after that:

  1. I mounted / unmounted my SD card without turning off the phone

  2. The thumbnails started regenerating, you could see the count increasing if you rotate the phone left-right while looking at the gallery Home. 

  3. I did have to take one photo , because when you initially look at the Gallery it says "No photos, take one!"  . I think that may have helped to restart the regeneration of thumbnails.

  4. I did restart the phone! that was inadvertently, because the phone crashed after a few left right shakes!! haha thanks you know who. 

  5. after the restart , and 5 more minutes, I think I got back about 1400 image thumbnails.

  6. Previously, i had also cleaned cache of the 'Gallery' app; that  was before reading this post on this forum, so, not sure it helped or not, but probably best to do it from zero.   

Hope you liked the additional info. 


What's DOS?
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Re: How to restore lost thumbnails

I was having the same problem and then I found an android recovery solution which helped me, you can get it from:

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hope this helps.