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What's DOS?
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Off contract, great minutes plan

Just a customer, no personal stake. I was looking for a reasonable smart phone plan for my daughters x three, 16, 14 & 12 years old. Old Droid X phones, free from family sources, or less than $100 on Ebay. Tell them to use only WiFi for data, 250 cell  minutes per month per phone, $12.00 each. Google voice for texting, free on the home network. Free voice minutes via free app, Groove IP, on the home network. No I-phones. Have your 13 digit? MEID number ready, from below your battery in your phone. Your Google Voice number is your account ID for sign up. I even ported one daughter's ggogle voice phone number to the Page Plus service. They're a Verizon reseller so the coverage is the same. 

Happy savings to you!