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What's DOS?
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Phone obsolete

 My new Google Nexus 7 replaced everything that my Droid X2 used to do, only better, except make phone calls. It runs JellyBean & when I didn't like JB 4.2 I was easily able to go back to 4.1, with a lot of customization possible. Mine is WiFi only, I can tether it to a phone for travel as needed, for internet. 

Most importantly, to me, I can update later as I see fit as it's unlocked. Moto & Verizon made my $600 X2 phone obsolete 11 monthe after launch. 

As soon as my contract is up on the X2 I'll get a used  off contract 4G phone like the Galaxy S3 & run it on PagePlus cellular's 12 plan, 250 minutes for 12 bucks a month. I can buy some data there as needed. I'll save me $500 a year or so. It uses Verizon's network, so the coverage remains the same. 

Verizon & Motorola treated good customers like disposable commodities with their lockdown bootloader  policies. The X2 still had potential. 

I've got 5 phones under contract with them, one by one we'll take our business elsewhere. 

DansDroid Moto Emeritus
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Re: Phone obsolete

We all like to vent from time to time.  Having said this, the Droid x2 was released the end of May 2011.  That's a long time ago in cell phone life, particularly when manufacturers are trying to offer phones that the public are (demanding?) expecting.  Motorola does not have a global "lockdown" on bootloader policies, that's the reason they have introduced the developer edition phones, for those who choose to experiment with their devices.  I personally wish you the best with your new phones and new carrier.    --- Dan