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4G LTE Lost Service Sept 1, 2014

Have been unable to connect to verizon 4g services since mid-day Sept.,1,2014 with my 10.1 MZ617.  Been working fine for many months.  Chat with verizon ran thru resets, poping sim out and in, safe mode, verizon reset their end.  No change, 4G appeared to flash by the bars of service but quickly gone.  Still no 4G all week.  At another location 200 miles away, tried another sim that was working in a samsung 7.7 on a spare 10.1, same results and in addition ran it thru a factory reset and no updates.  3-5 bars, no 4G or 3G.  Samsung shows 3 bars 4G.  Moved sim to a verizon 7 inch tablet, worked fine there and then back to samsung.  Even tried an 8.2, same results.  All xyboards were updated many months ago to JB.  Always ran thru the verizon switch device process.

Anyone else had this problem recently and maybe discovered a solution to share?  The 10.1 is still my favorite tablet to use at work and home, would like to get 4G service back on it.


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Re: 4G LTE Lost Service Sept 1, 2014

Hello BDO54,

Did you ever resolve your issue with the 4G service? This seems like an odd issue and situation based on your description. I have a Xoom and XYBoard 10.1 that both still use the Verizon 4G networks without issues. I have noticed that coverage can vary greatly and we have experienced more than one interruption in service over the last few years, but 4G connectivity continues for me.