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What's DOS?
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External Storage??

 I have a 16gb Xyboard. I have been looking in to the wireless external hard drives. Has anyone used them or heard anything about them? I have seen the WD and Verizon are coming out with one, the only one I have seen available right now is from Seagate. I am just looking at options right now, but can't seem to find any reviews.


What's DOS?
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Re: External Storage??

Wireless would be great, schankame. Right now to get more content than is in my 16 gig xyboard I'm using a usb card reader and any size (maybe not 64 gig, haven't needed one yet) connected to the micro usb port via a usb/micro usb adapter cord.  xyboard recognizes it just fine but will only show thumbnails.  the ES file explorer app (google play) will swipe through full size photos as long as I use their viewer, and as long as I video in MP4, and not avchd it will also play movies.  I think the VCL app will stream AVCHD but u have to go through your computer with VCL on it too wirelessly.  Hey.  maybe vcl will let you stream what's on your computer (but then the Motocast app does that beautifully from any wireless hotspot anywhere.Lots of options! 

Bit Torrent
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Re: External Storage??

Hello schankame,

I have tested out and own a few different wireless (shareable) hard drive devices, but my favorite has been the Corsair Voyager Air 1TB drive. Connecting to it via WiFi is easy and includes many options to keep it secure, but always available. All of my tablets (Xoom, XYBoards, etc) connect to it without issue and transfer times support video and audio streaming. What sets this device apart from other is the wide variety of direct connection options, including GB Ethernet as a NAS device. This is very handy for me, since I can keep it always available on my home wired network and when I am ready to take it along on a trip, just unplug and go. The battery gives me 7-9 hours of continuous use, depending on the number of devices connected and file usage.

That's just my personal experience, hope it helps!