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Xyboard 4.1.2 software update

I have a Xyboard stuck on 4.0.4. Google has recent;y upgraded Google Now, etc. and some of their other apps  substantially. The catch is that now these apps only work with devices with Jellybean and up. There is a fantastic clock and info widget that is only compatible with 4.2 and up. I guess what I'm asking is when will be updated to JB? I'm not asking for a specific date, but it's kind of frustrating that were waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

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Re: Xyboard 4.1.2 software update

The LTE tablet should have the update rolling out shortly If Moto reads this thanks for updating my Wifi only Xyboard to jelly bean oh wait... yeah you didn't.

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Re: Xyboard 4.1.2 software update

If you have the Verizon Droid LTE Version of the Xyboard it will be
upgraded. The WiFi Only Version isn't getting the upgrade. I'm pasting my
recent correspondence with Customer Service on this below.
I've been a loyal Moto customer for a very long time. Heck over 75% of all
cell phones I've ever owned have been Moto (Just off the top of my head
StarTac, RAZR (The original flip, not the smartphone), the Q, and my
current Xyboard 10.1 WiFi and Droid Razr MAXX HD). I'm done with Moto. I
should have went with my gut when I bought the XyBoard and got the Samsung
or a Nexus. Not making the Moto mistake again.....
* Discussion Thread** Via Email (George)*11/17/2013 05:12 PMThank you for
your reply.
I am very sorry for any inconvenience. I will definitely document this in
my end. Rest assured that I will document this in my end, so that our
research department will be able to read this.
Do now worry, If you have any issue with your tablet, you can always
contact us back so that we can provide the possible troubleshooting steps
to resolve your issue.
You may receive an email survey from us and I would like to inform you that
this is not with regard to our products or policies since this is about how
I assisted you through this email. Please take time in answering the survey
and a very satisfied response will be very much appreciated.
Once again, I am very sorry for any inconvenience.
Motorola Customer Care,
George* Customer By Email (Timothy O'Hara)*11/13/2013 09:14 PMGeorge,
Please let whoever made that decision that it is asinine, especially since
the Verizon version of the tablet (identical except for the LTE radio) is
getting the upgrade.
I guess this unfortunately will be the last in a long line of Motorola
products that I have purchased.
Tim O'Hara
On Nov 13, 2013 6:33 PM, "Motorola Global Reply" <> wrote:
>* Via Email (George)*11/13/2013 05:33 PMThank you for your reply.
Thank you for the order and MSN number.
I am sorry to say that MOTOROLA XYBOARD 10.1 will remain in ICS as I stated
in previous email. Motorola Mobility continues to review how each device
can deliver the very best experience possible, and at times, this can mean
making tough choices - especially as it relates to Android software
upgrades.The MOTOROLA XYBOARD 10.1 will not receive the Jelly Bean upgrade,
but continue to be supported with maintenance releases to ensure optimum
performance for the consumer. I am very sorry for any inconvenience,
Motorola Customer Care,