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What's DOS?
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Reflashing the 8.2 Xyboard

A few months ago my Xyboard received the latest Android OS via the OTA function. This subsequently crashed my device and Verizon wanted to take it for a week (minimum) and attempt to repair the device. I found on XDA files to return to stock on a bricked device, Verizon bricked my device so I was returning to stock. These files appear to have worked accept I have issues with the notifications area and opening it, I cannot encrypt my device, and lately it's been slow as all get out, so two questions:

1. How can I verify the authenticity of my software/firmware

2. Are there official Moto released files for restoring a device?

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Re: Reflashing the 8.2 Xyboard

Hello thecountrylife08,

The update to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) for the US versions of the 8.2" & 10.1" XYBoards started a couple months ago and has proven to cause issues for a small percentage of owners (depending on several factors). You will find details about the upgrade in the following waiting room thread:

Loading any third party provided ROMs is always very risky and many other owners that decided to go that route (like you did) have ended up with unstable tablets or ongoing performance issues. The XYBoards are locked Android devices, so Motorola does not provide support on how to re-lock (nor unlock) this tablet. As with all locked devices, they also do not provide stock ROMs that you would need to return your XYBoard to a "factory fresh" condition. The only way to have your XYBoard re-flashed with a stock ROM is to have it handled by Motorola Servicing.

If your XYBoard is currently re-locked, I can help you get the tablet re-flashed back to the stock ROM for Android 4.1.2. Please send me a Private Message (PM) and I we can discuss the details concerning your specific situation.