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What's DOS?
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Verizon to Tmobile

Swithched providers from Verizon to Tmobile, Verizon said it will accept the new sim card from Tmobile, they did not need to do anything. Put Tmobile sim card in and it does not work, says, "SIM card is from an unknown source." Now verizon wont help me because I cancelled service with them, Tmobile says they cant do anything because Verizon has to unlock it and Motorola says I have to take it back to Verizon to have them fix it. Nothing like pointing fingers. How can I get my new Tmobile SIM to work.

Tablet IMEI# 990000847471010

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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Verizon to Tmobile

I'm pretty sure that error message means the device needs to be unlocked (by Verizon).

The locks are set up to prevent users from leaving a carrier prior to paying off a subsidy.  If you are no longer under contract, VZN should (morally) provide the unlock code.  

Sometimes you have to keep calling back until you get a rep that is cooperative and knowledgeable.

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