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Fanfold Paper
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G8052 and SLP protocol configuration



I'm trying to add two of my G8052 switches to Lenovo xClarity Administrator suite.

I had no problems with G8272 and G7052 but xClarity fails to connect to SLP port on G8052.


CLI on the switch tells me that SLP is active but I can't telnet to 427 TCP port like I do with other Lenovo switches.


switch# show ip slp information
        Protocol Version: 2
        SLP State: enable
        AUTO DISCOVERY: disable
        SLP Listening Port 427
        SLP Listening IP interface 1:




interface ip 1
        ip address
        vlan 145

Software Version 8.4.9


I even tried to disable and enable SLP on a switch but without any success

Feb  6 20:28:28 switch INFO    SLP: URL service:io-device.Lenovo:management-module:// registered locally

It looks like there is a firewall or access list between switch and other network devices but in reality there is not. Switch configuration is very simple.


Could someone help me with debug of such switch behaviour?


Lenovo Employee mslavin
Lenovo Employee
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Re: G8052 and SLP protocol configuration



There should be nothing special you need to do to allow the G8052 to be managed by xClarity. Can you tell us what other model Lenovo switches  you have in xClarity that are working today? Have you tried removing and then re-adding the G8052 in xClarity (assuming it is in the xClarity already)? Lastly, if nothing else works, can you post a show tech to this forum for the G8052 so we can look for any issues? 


Thanks, Matt

Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎04-06-2018
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Re: G8052 and SLP protocol configuration

Hello mslavin,


Thank you for the reply.

I have a couple of G8272 and G7052 as well, they are already connected to xClarity. I tried to use openslp tool as xClarity guide recommends and G8052 did not provide any output while for other models it worked fine.



D:\Temp\lenovo>slptool -u findsrvs service:io-device.Lenovo:management-module

D:\Temp\lenovo>slptool -u findsrvs service:io-device.Lenovo:management-module
errorcode: -19

Tech info is attached.


Fanfold Paper
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-06-2018
Location: RU
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Re: G8052 and SLP protocol configuration

Today I modified xClarity network settings and activated it's second network interface.

Now eth0 is located in HW management vlan for autodiscovery and hw management features, while eth1 is used for xClarity web-access. After that I was able to add missing G8052 switches.


It looks like G8052 has an implicit ACL for SLP protocol...

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