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Paper Tape
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Linux - Ultradock and Debian

Hi, All,


I have a T440p running Debian testing. I purchased an ultradock for it. While external monitors not working on it without a specific patch has been addressed elsewhere, I am having interesting behavior with the dock's enternet. For instance, the dock connects when I am at home. I tested this last night with the wireless turned off. Even so, at work, the dock's ethernet does not assign an IP address. It's looking, but nothing occurs. We just switched to  802.1x security. I am leaning as this being the issue; however, I am able to connect to the network when I hotplug an ethernet cable directly into the notebook.


Any ideas that I am missing?


Thanks for any feedback.



What's DOS?
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Re: Linux - Ultradock and Debian

I have exactly the same issue with the dock's ethernet using an X240 running Debian testing. My network administrator assigns IPs directly, so it is not a DHCP or 802.1x authentication issue.

I attach the network cable to the dock, then dock the computer and then boot. Pinging any host returns "destination host unreachable". Then I undock, connect the cable to the laptop directly, and the ethernet works fine. If I then connect the Ethernet cable back to the dock, and then dock the laptop, the Ethernet connection continues to work fine.

@parsonadams, I'm curious, have you reported this to the Debian testing bugtracker? If yes, could you point all of us to the URL to add technical details as needed? Given the diversity of our setups, it appears to be either a hardware issue with the dock, or with Debian testing.


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