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Re: W520, Debian 64-bit (Testing) + VT enabled

This is a very old thread, but I found an article that may help, so I will post it here for future searchers.  It was written for Ubuntu, but that should not be a dealbreaker to most.


I own a W530 instead of the W520 in this thread, but the article's author says it works.


Author's claims:

"This setup, combined with thinkdisp will get you:
1) Multiple Monitors
2) Working 3D Acceleration on all displays (so compiz effects work)
3) Power saving when mobile (Nvidia card off)
4) Safe updating without killing the multimon setup
5) The ability to use VT-x (which has to be disabled in BIOS in discrete-only mode due to a bug)



Punch Card
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Re: W520, Debian 64-bit (Testing) + VT enabled

This is great, thanks! I have been running a similar setup in Arch Linux, however the only last problem I have is that sound over displayport doesnt work in optimus mode (the nvidia sound device doesnt show on the pci bus in optimus mode).


I have yet to solve that problem, but almost there Smiley Happy

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