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X1E Power Consumption with Linux

After configuring my X1E with Debian Buster, KDE and Bumblebee I measured the power consumption of the laptop in several situations using a "Kill A Watt" monitor.  Please note that this is a cheap consumer device and has certainly never seen a calibration lab.  In addition, the power consumption of the laptop fluctuates quiet a bit in all of the situations and I eyeball-averaged the displayed values.  Nevertheless, the results should be within +-10% of the proper value and I thought some may find it interesting.


- laptop powered off, battery fully charged: 0.1W  (fluctuates between 0.0W and 0.4W, probably the LED and checking battery status...????)


- laptop in suspend-to-ram, battery fully charged: 1W (this means the battery will be empty after about 3 days)


- laptop in suspend-to-ram, battery almost empty: 90W


- laptop on, no load, battery almost empty: 105W


- playing YouTube video, battery almost empty: 135W  (I used the 135W power supply)


- editing documents in LibreOffice, full battery: 12W (depending on brightness: 10W to 15W, my preferred brightness: 12W)


- YouTube video using Intel graphics: 19W  (depending on brightness between 18W and 24W)


- glxgears using Intel graphics: 14W


- glxgears using Nvidia graphics: 75W


- Unigine Valley "extreme" setting, Intel: 40W


- Unigine Valley "extreme" setting, Nvidia: 90W


All in all I am pretty happy with these results.  It means for regular office work the battery should last 7-8 hours,  applications with extensive graphics demands are best done when plugged in.




Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1E Power Consumption with Linux

For comparsion

x270  i5-6300u ,nvme ssd ,via wlan 5.3 ghz ,TN 1366x768

full  br. = approx 220 nit ,dual boot  kali linux lite ,headphone AKG

mouse Logitech m185 wireless

24+72 wh battery  (full power bridge + second 72 wh)

youtube   video ,full screen

-6 watt per hour

2. dual boot w10pro poker with mouse movement ,one desk

all another as in p 1


-7.2 watt per hour





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