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Blue Screen Again
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0A34032 Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard/Mouse acting up

I just bought this last month.  I've tried loading this onto two ThinkPads, an older R60 running XP and a new X220 with Windows 7.  On both machines, inserting the dongle into a USB port makes the computer go haywire, endlessly opening all software that has a shortcut on the desktop and repeatedly filling all data entry boxes (like Windows log-in password entry box) with an endlessly repeating sequence of the alphabet and numbers 0 -9.  I'm assuming the dongle is faulty and would like to get another one.  Does anyone know how I might order a replacement dongle?



Lenovo Employee solar
Lenovo Employee
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Re: 0A34032 Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard/Mouse acting up

Sounds to me like rather that dongle is okay but one or multiple keys on keyboard are stuck and continuesly providing letters to the machines. Try to place keyboard far from PC and use place dongle to test it with mouse only. If works the problem is in keyboard itself


Try to pres Enter keys then to release the stuck. I know this should not happen thou.

Jan Solar
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Re: 0A34032 Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard/Mouse acting up

Don;t think you can replace just the dongle.  There is no provision for pairing - it is fixed for the dongle/keyboard/mouse at the factory.

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