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Fanfold Paper
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Aspect ratio problem

I just got my L194wD monitor running on my Toshiba laptop.  The picture looks good except that it is distorted...I need either to reduce the height or increase the width.


My laptop was fine without the L194wD attached, but now both displays are distorted.  When I unplug the L194wD, the laptop display returns to the correct ratio.


I do not have a manual, CD, or any other info for the L194wD.


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Re: Aspect ratio problem

well are you using the LCD as clone to the internal LCD, or are you using the LCD in the extended display mode?

Your LCD is a widescreen version with 1440 x 900 resolution.

You haven't mentioned what type of screen your Toshiba has.

Jin Li

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Aspect ratio problem

Looks like you are the person who explained to me that I could just plug and play the monitor with my Toshiba laptop.  It worked immediately...identical to the laptop, including seeing the mouse pointer move around, except that the screen is nicely larger on the Lenovo.  Better for editing images, which I often do.


I'm a novice at this...I don't understand "clone" and "extended display".  What's the difference, and which should I do?  I certainly don't need to see the laptop screen when I am using the Lenovo screen.


In Device Manager I found:

--Display Adapter is ATI Radeon X1250

--Monitor is Generic PnP

In Display Settings:

--Resolution at highest...1280x800

--32-bit color


I am running Windows Vista.


Thanks so much for your help...

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Re: Aspect ratio problem



check this link:


  • Clone (or mirror) mode will give you the same image on both laptop and monitor


  • Extend allows you to have two different images, so you can "move"  windows around, or for instance, have Microsoft Word displayed in your laptop while having Internet Explorer on the monitor. You can extend multiple monitors and each one with different images (think "The Matrix").


Hope this helps!



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Aspect ratio problem

This is so cool!  I followed your link (except for vista, not 7), set it up for extended, went to Display Settings and changed the resolution to the same ratio as my laptop, and voila!  2 monitors for super easy back-and-forth.  THANKS SO MUCH!

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