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Audio improvement using the M0620

Question: How do I improve the audio experience on my system using the M0620?

*Disclaimer: You are at your own risk if anything goes wrong, modification is not covered under warranty.

Hi all, even though this is an affordable pair of Computer Speakers, there are some affordable way to improve the sound quality rather than buying another pair of speakers, which may not necessary provide better sound quality. There are two levels of mods, basic and advanced.


Basic Mod: Speaker Enclosure Mod (Easy, no soldering skills required)

What do you need for this mod?

  • A Slot Screwdriver (-)
  • A Philip Screwdriver (+)
  • A Small Pack of Modelling, Air or Non-drying Clay
  • A Small Piece of Acoustic Foam to place inside the speaker (optional)

In order to access the speaker internals, the speaker cover needs to be removed. You would use a Slot Screwdriver to ply out each side of the cover. (Picture as shown in Figure 1)



Figure 1: Plying out the speaker cover


After plying out the cover, you would see that they are several screwdrivers on the speaker frame. Remove all the 5 screws with a Philip Screw that are not near the woofer. (Picture as shown in Figure 2)


Figure 2: Remove the screw that are circled in Red in the picture


If the speaker frame does not come off even after 5 screws are removed and speaker rotated in upside down position, you would need to remove the 4 screw on the woofer.


Then, ply out the woofer with a Slot Screwdriver and pull it out from the speaker frame. Lift up the speaker frame from the hole that holds the woofer. (Picture as shown in Figure 3)


(Note: Pull out the woofer slowly, as the solder between the wire and speaker may come off easily)


Figure 3: Lift up and remove the speaker frame


Apply the pack of clay on the internals and the back of the speaker frame. Also, add the acoustic foam accordingly. (Picture as shown in Figure 4)


Figure 4: Clay and Acoustic Foam installed


After applying the Clay and Acoustic Foam, you may install the speaker frame and woofer by putting back into the original place (shown in Figure 2) and screw back the speaker frame and woofer if you are not doing the advanced mod.


Repeat the steps on another side of the speaker. (Stereo speakers usually have 2 Speakers, left and right)

The purpose to have apply Clay and Acoustic Foams in the speaker is to improve the sound quality by reducing internal vibrations and resonance. (Refer to Reference)


The purpose to have apply Clay and Acoustic Foams in the speaker is to improve the sound quality by reducing internal vibrations and resonance. (Refer to Reference)


Advanced Mod: Replace Capacitors on the speaker’s PCB (Hard, requires soldering skills)


What do you need for this mod?

  • A Slot Screwdriver (-)
  • A Philip Screwdriver (+)
  • Solder Gun
  • Desoldering Pump
  • 4 Electrolytic Capacitor (Round Shape) (Refer to Figure 5)
    • 1x 0.1uF 50V Capacitor (1 Gold round caps in Figure 5)*
    • 2x 0.47uf 50V Capacitor (2 Red round caps in Figure 5)*
    • 1x 470uF 10V Capacitor (1 Black round caps in Figure 5)*

Optional (or if you know what you are doing)

  • 4 Film Capacitor (Square Shape) (Refer to Figure 5)
    • 2x 0.068uF Film Capacitor (2 yellow square caps in Figure 5)*
    • 2x Film Capacitor (2 yellow square caps in Figure 5)*

*Colour represents different models of capacitor, not the value of capacitors


Figure 5: Lenovo M0620 Speaker’s PCB (After Modification)


After opening up the left and right speakers, you would see only 1 of the speaker have a PCB secured with 2 screws. Amplifier chip, capacitors, wires to other speakers and other components are located on the PCB. Other components may be replaceable, but may not have audible sound improvement due to the limitations of the simple PCB and the speaker (woofer).


If you are unsure of what value to get for the capacitor, get the capacitor with the same uF and voltage. Different manufacturer would usually have same uF and voltage, but their physical size could be different, ensure that the capacitor would fit in the PCB before purchase.


Different manufacturer or model of electrolytic and film capacitor may affect the sound drastically. (Refer to reference for more information)


Credits to @sethlovesbikes for capacitors implementation on my Lenovo M0620 speakers.


Additional Information from @sethlovesbikes

This modification style generally works the same on all PC or Active (Self-powered) Speakers.


Nichicon Fine Gold and Elna Cerafine is usually used in high-end range of audio products. However, since the capacitor rating required and its physical size of the capacitor for this speaker mod is small, the cost to upgrade the capacitor is also low.


For electrolytic audio capacitors, you may try different variations such as Nichicon Muse, Elna Silmic I/II, or even Black Gate PK Capacitor if you are able to source such rare capacitors due to the stoppage of manufacturing.

For more information about the types of capacitors, the line on the electrolytic (round) capacitors are negative side (-), as electrolytic capacitor is polarized (- and +). Film (square) capacitor is non-polarized. (no - and +).

Each film caps have a capacity codes. Unless it's printed as capacity numbers, you need to understand the formula behind the code.


It is safer to just change the round caps. If you already know which film cap is which, you most likely already know what this post is doing.


Reference (Basic Mod)




Reference (Advanced Mod)






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