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Audio improvement using the ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner

Question: How do I improve the audio experience on my system using the ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner?

*Disclaimer: You are at your own risk if anything goes wrong, any modification is not covered under warranty.

There would be people who prefer playing music with the analog source over the digital source, as the digital source may produce digital glare, which may sound less smooth, overly bright and could be uncomfortable to your ears.

E.g. of Analog Source -  such as LP (Vinyl)

E.g. of Digital Source - such as CD, DVD, Music or Movie files stored in local or network storage.


Most of the newer music recordings are recorded and reproduced in digital format, which is either CD or downloadable MP3/FLAC, and not analog format. Therefore, the choice of music for the analog source would be more limited. This guide would provide a way to improve the CD/DVD playback quality with a few simple steps.

Basic Mod: Pasting EMI Absorber on the ribbon cable  (Easy, no screwdriver required)
What do you need for this mod?


You may be able to find other EMI Absorber cheaper than the 3M AB5100SHF. But the results may vary, or worse, degrading sound quality.

In order to access the DVD Burner internal, you would have to open the disc tray by pressing the eject tray button. 

Figure 1: CD tray, eject tray button

Pull the tray out enough for you to insert a disc, flip it to the back of the tray, cut and paste the EMI Absorber as shown in this picture. Cut it slightly bigger for ease of removal in the future, if required. (Picture as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2: EMI Absorber pasted below the tray

Flip it back to the front of the tray, put an audio CD, and enjoy! 

Remarks: If you have issues closing/pushing the disc tray, try pressing down the sticker, or lift up the disc tray to close/push.

Remarks 2: After pasting EMI Absorber as shown in the picture above, you should be able to notice that there is less digital glare, smoother sound, and more consistent volume through different tracks/frequencies.

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