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Chirping sound from my AC Adaptor



I bought an R61 about 14 months ago and it came with a 90W AC Adapter.  About 1 month ago I noticed that the adapter has started to get very hot and make a soft chirping noise.  Also, the laptop seemed to get especially hot while using it.  I switched to another lenovo 90W adapter that I have for my work laptop and everything seems fine with my R61.  Any idea what the problem could be with the adapter?




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Re: Chirping sound from my AC Adaptor

welcome to the forum.


it could be a noisy step-down transformer, DC converter, or capacitor... it's tough to say.   it's probably not faulty—just not quite up to spec.


if it bothers you then it's best to get it exchanged under warranty.

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Re: Chirping sound from my AC Adaptor

sometimes wirings in the adapter is not as tight as it suppose too. If it is causing noises and overheating it is best idea to get it exchanged for your own safety, since you still got warranty.