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Configuring Language on L192

by on ‎03-08-2011 07:56 PM (472 Views)


I've had the L192 Wide for about three years now and its been stuck on Japanese (or Chinese) for about 2 of those years. I would like to access the display options but sady cannot read Japanese (or Chinese for that matter.) Is there anyway to reset defaults to your monitor. Or does anybody know which buttons I could press to get to the language menu?


The user guides for the L192 display can be found on the Lenovo support site in pdf format and contain instructions for setup and configuration of the display.


In the particular case here, try this proceedue:


  1. Press the new line button on the right side of the monitor to bring up the menu. (It will be in Japanese in this case)
  2. Move the selection to the right three positions, (Image has an arrow with three lines) then press the new line button to select. A lower menu will then be displayed.
  3. Move the selection to the second item to select language and press the new line button to select.
  4. Select English


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