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Downlevel product label L2440X - label says it contains mercury

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Started ‎03-22-2011 by
Modified ‎03-22-2011 by


Lenovo advertises the product as being "mercury-free" due to its White LED backlight, but why does the backside label on the device warn that the lighting contains mercury?


The label on the back of my L2440x seems to be a  "standard" type label used on almost all recenet LCD monitors nowadays; it states various certifications and logos (eg. Energy Star, CE, FC, SAFETY).  On the very bottom the text reads, "This product contains a Lamp(s) which contains mercury, dispose accordingly to local, state, or federal laws."


It is perhaps possible that this is just a standardized disclaimer placed on all Lenovo monitors without considering that this particular product uses LED lighting and presumably shouldn't contain any mercury.  But still, I want confirmation as I specifically selected this screen because it is supposed to be mercury-free.



After researching with our visual development team, all L2440x are  indeed mercury free, but  some downlevel labels have been used on some early units.   Updated labels without the mercury advisory were introduced into production as soon as the error was discovered.