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External display crops image - W510 DisplayPort -> HDMI

by on ‎03-08-2011 08:07 PM (1,940 Views)


I'm connecting my ThinkPad W510 to my Panasonic TV with DisplayPort to HDMI port.  The image on the TV is missing a part or picture around the screen.   On my notebook, the gauges in the top right are displayed correctly, but they are cropped on the TV display - some sort of misconfigured resolution perhaps?


Here is a view of the picture on the TV.  See how part of the gauge is outside the viewable area?


overscan TV.jpg






This appears to be a typical TV overscan issue.  Many televisions have overscan adjustment or a 1:1 pixel mode or a "just scan" mode.  In this particular case on this Panasonic, the follow menu configurations were found to resolve the effect:


"Menu" - "Setup" - "Picture Overscan"

This option was setup as "On", and when switched to "Off" the picture is now correctly displayed.

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