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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎04-25-2012
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G560 Docking

Hi community,


I have a Lenovo G560 laptop and I would like a docking station so that hook up my TV, speakers, external hard-drives, etc very easily. Are there any ones out there atm?


Also, I am very interested in looking at upgrading my gfx card. I have the dedicated Geforce 300M inside, but I have heard of some docking stations allowing additional ones plugged into it. Anyone else heard of this?




Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎05-31-2012
Location: Toronto, ON
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Re: G560 Docking

[ Edited ]

I don't think the G560 has a dock port on the bottom of the laptop, so your only option would probably be one of the USB port replicators. Current offerings are on this page:


The USB2.0 one would be the only one that would work on the G560.


I hate those things as there are some painful workarounds when various 'freezes' happen(i have three where i work and all have given the same issue), but for the most part it works fine. 


There are other types that are not lenovo branded(none of which I've tried):


The Lenovo Advanced dock is the name of the one that allows you to add a video card, but they are only for the older T61/R61 laptops and require a dock port on the bottom.  I highly doubt you can find a USB port replicator with the ability to add a video card.