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Registered: ‎04-20-2011
Location: Austria
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HL-DT-ST Lenovo Portable DVD Burner GP20N driver?



I've purchased an ideapad S205 and a Lenovo Portable DVD Burner GP20N and installed Windows XP on the ideapad.


Until now the dvd-drive worked well - it could read all my dvds, but now I stumbled upon 1 dvd which doesn't work.


It is one dvd of a TV series, which works fine on all my other DVD-drives and... all the other dvds of this TV series work fine with the lenovo dvd-drive too.. only this one dvd not.


It doesn't have any scratches on it... the only thing that differs this dvd from the others is the size. The others have a size of 7,88GB and below and this one specific DVD has a size of 7,89GB (I checked that with a dvd drive where the DVD is functioning).


Is it possible that the problem that the lenovo DVD drive can't read this one dvd is caused by its size or is it possible that the standard driver from WindowsXP is too old to let the drive function properly?

Unfortunately I didn't find a specific driver for the GP20N on WinXP on the lenovo homepage... do you have one?


Thank you for your help in advance!