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How Do I Charge the YOGA Mouse?


One great feature of the YOGA Mouse is that it is rechargeable.

There are several options for doing that:

The YOGA Mouse can be charged via the USB port on a computer, by using the charger provided with one of the YOGA ultrabooks, or by using the charger used for a YOGA Tablet. It can be charged from the ThinkPad Stack's Power Bank as well.

A charging cable is included in the box with the YOGA Mouse.

 The smallest end of the charging cable is plugged into the Micro-USB port on the end of mouse.


 Choices for connecting the other end of the cable to power:


 * Using an AC adapter/charger:

The larger end of the cable is plugged into the USB port on an AC adapter/charger.

The charger is then plugged into an electrical power strip or AC wall receptical (as pictured below).


* Using a computer:

The larger end of the cable can be plugged into a USB port on a laptop or desktop computer.


* Using a power bank:

Connect the USB to the port of a power bank that has been previously charged.


After the connection to a power source has been made, the light on the mouse will glow orange as the mouse is charging. For some users the battery takes only about 20 minutes to fully charge; others report that it has taken almost an hour.  The mouse cannot be used while charging.

chg mouse.jpg

 [Pictured here with the provided cable and the charger from a YOGA Tablet.]

Depending on frequency of use, the charge may last about about a month before a recharge is needed.


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