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Punch Card
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Known issues and warranty status--mini dock plus series 3



I have a Mini Dock Plus Series 3 that is admittedly out of warranty. 


Today I tried to use the headphone jack on the dock for the first time, and there is a large amout of electrical noise. This post ( states that Lenovo acknowledges that there is an issue with the dock's audio output (mine was manufactured before the fix was implemented).


Lenovo phone support refuses to help at all because the dock is out of warranty, and one representative said that to even talk to anyone in support, the service call will cost at least $175. Are known manufacturing defects still covered even after the warranty expires? If so, who should I contact about getting my dock repaired?


Thank you!

Paper Tape
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Re: Known issues and warranty status--mini dock plus series 3

I have the same issue white my 4338-20U and no more warrenty.

the failure is recognized by lenovo but they can not do anything...

what should I do with this....


 Base Warranty
Start Date: 2011-03-10
End Date: 2012-03-19
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