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I have a L220x and find it to be a very impressive LCD, but I've got a problem:

In irregular intervals the monitor flickers - really short, not longer than 0.1s - But very annoying.
I installed the latest drivers for my VGA-Card (Nvidia Geforce 7900GTX) and for the LCD (L220xwC(Digital))
SoftOSM is also installed. The Frequency is set at 60Hz.

Sometimes, when the LCD flickers, i see small black squares on the LCD, but only particulary. 

With my old Monitor (Samsung 701T) I've never had problems like this.

 In the System-Events I found logs like this:

" 0011: The following display assets have been discovered on this computer - 1. Lenovo L220xwC, ID=LEN1151, S/N=VL-58573, Age=6 hours Display asset attributes have been written to c:\program files (x86)\softosd\softosd.mif "


There's an unlying service associated with softOSM and HPD.


1. In with Windows "Run" box type "services.msc" and click Ok

2. In the list o fServices, find softOSD and right-click on it

3. From the popup menu, select Stop


If that stops the periodic flicker, then you can either uninstall softOSM altogether or simply disable the hotplug detection mechamism from the softOSM menu.

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