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I just got this new mouse and while it works in wireless radio mode with the dongle, it will not pair via Bluetooth. I am running Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo Yoga 11s with Bluetooth 4.0. I'd rather not use the dongle obviously. Why do I get a driver error when trying to pair and why can't I find any drivers for this on the Lenovo website?


The mouse has to be in mouse mode and in wireless mode also!  Press and hold the L,R and the middle button(not the windows one (the middle touch have 2 buttons underneath)) then switch to Bluetooth mode without releasing the 3 buttons, after 5-10 seconds you will see the orange light and after that the mouse will be able  to pair. 


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Hello guys,


I have the same problem but with the Yoga 900 Series. I simply love it and when bought it I also ordered an N700 bluetooth mouse. The ideea was to use it in bluetooth mode so I will keep the USB slots for external HDD's. But, few minutes after pairing it lost connection Smiley Sad

I tried multiple things like "unpairing" the device and pair it again, I made sure I have the laest drivers, so on so forth but no success. I did the reset you mentioned in the above post and yes it pairs but it works only for few minutes. It is a shame that products from the same manufacturer don't work Smiley Sad 

What can I do to make it work?


Currently I have a Microsoft notebook 5000 mouse and it works just fine in bluetooth mode. I just want to use the N700, the product that I bought in full confidence. 






I'm having the same issues that the mouse N700 pairs on and off in Win 10. It's annoying to pair the device every 15 minutes.


It seems this is a common problem, so is there a permanent fix?


Thank you,