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Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m 4k Half of display goes out of sync and color issue

2015-04-05, 21:56 PM

Hi, I have had this ThinkVision Pro2840m for a few months. I got it refurbished at a decent price (no warranty), but having some issues with it.

The first is the left half the the screen will suddenly flicker then will be out of sync with the right half. Turning off the monitor and back on again will fix for a while

The second issue is colors are brighter at the bottom of the monitor and gradually get darker till you get to the top. It is not really noticeable with moving images, but is when on your desktop and also in some games. The overall brightness seems uniform over the entire monitor almost like its a contrast or tint problem.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I might be able to fix. Is there any way to find updated firmware and apply it? I looked in the lenovo support and downloads area but nothing listed.

Thanks for the the help!


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Re: Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m 4k Half of display goes out of sync and color issue

2015-05-28, 12:10 PM




On your sync issue I do recall to have seen that indeed. It actually happens if you connect the Pro2840m together with a secondary monitor on an analouge connection (D-SUB). Try using your Pro2840m as a single display connected to your GPU on a DisplayPort 1.2 cable for a few days to see if you encounter the half-screen out-of-sync issue. Also remember that most cables are advertised as DP 1.2 capable but very few actually are truely 1.2 certified. I had to return 3 cables to various shops until the 4th one from DeLock did pass through the 4k@60Hz@10bpc signal. I don't believe the sync issue would have to do with the right DP 1.2 cable though. I actually believe it has to do with the monitor's microcode. You can easily verify your microcode version through the monitor's touchscreen buttons: menu-options-information


If you have anything below LN 3.07 you are really out of luck, because they are known to be very buggy and the bad news is that Lenovo does not and will not make the microcode available to the public domain for upgrading it yourself. You will have to call your local Lenovo support line and file in a case for exchange. They will replace it for you without cost. Try verifying the status of your warranty. Your product most certainly will have an active status even if it is refurbished, given that these monitors hit the market just under a year ago.


Post back, and let us know how your story finally developed.





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Did u ever reolve the problem?

2019-11-03, 23:36 PM

Hi @Dubtech81. I have the same problem exactly. Did you resolve the issue and if yes, can you tell me how to proceed?

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