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Lenovo Thinkpad Stack Assistant has been made obsolete

So there was a recent post a couple of months ago where the Stack Assistant application was pulled from Google Store.

Well turns out, that with the latest Android update it has become literally an unusuable piece of software

I own all the stack modules including my recent purchase of the projector add on - the mobile application worked perfectly until a forced update push from Verizon went through my phone. Now the application hangs up, its extremely slow, and sometimes it just freezes up all completely. Now I have no remote access to the projector or any of the stack modules on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+ plus).


I am aware some posted an apk. of the original application - will it still work with the Stack Projector, despite being an extremely early version?? can anyone post all the versions of the stack assistant apk. files???


The Stack Assistant, while it did have its limitations, it was an great addition that added functionality to the modules - especially the route and projector add-on, it is a great shame that there is practically no support whatsoever for this application, I contacted someone in tech support and it went nowhere.

Please help - this is a great presention tool for an IT guy such as myself - anyone??

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