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Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

So I purchased two units of these to test how they act before hoepfully buying a few more of them in bulk to equip every workstation with these BUT I am hesitant with all the issues ive experienced.  This is my last attempt to figure these units out before I return them both and use something else. I am hoping someone where has figured out how to get this to work reliably.


First of all the port selection on this unit is great, BUT dual 4k at 60 hertz each is not possible unless one of the monitors uses a USB-C port (very few do) or you have to use a not included seperate USBC cable. The port display outputs are also incredibly specific, so look at this link here to see if you can accomplish what you want to get done BEFORE picking these up.


You will be suprised to learn that you cannot have two 4k displays at 60hertz AND the laptop screen ON at the same time, it just wont let you for some reason. You cant have ANY two external monitors and the laptop screen on, and if you play with the configurations I think i got it to work once with the laptop being a mirror of one of the external displays, which in my application serves me no purposse.



I ordered a USBC to DP port cable to hook up to the FRONT (weird) of the docking station and was able to get 2 external 4k displays at 60 hertz just fine. Have not tried ethernet not sure how that works, but USB seem to be working fine. The station is also charging the laptop just fine. So i am able to do this with 1 cable which is the goal.


Now my struggles..


I am running the latest drivers for both the dock and even went through the Lenovo system update application to update the Bios of the computer its running on. Its an X1 extreme and it works intermittenly, sometimes the screen go black (like if someone **bleep** them off) both screens or each independent screen. Sometimes I lose conectivity for all USB and I have to disconnect the one thunderbolt cable to the laptop and reconnect to get it to start working again.


I tried with another laptop very similiar issues so I know its not related to the laptop. I even tried it with a Macbook Pro 2018 and the same problem persists with both docking units.


I have switched out cables, laptops both windows laptops and even Macbooks and nothing same exact issue, random disconnects and intermittenly they docking stations just seem to go crazy.


I know they are not meant to work with MBP so I was gonna be way more lenient with how it functions with that platform, but was not expecting such inconsistent performance with a Lenovo laptop connected to it.


There are many post on these forums about other issues relating to this docking station and even on Amazon reviews are spotty.


Any one running this docking station with two 4k monitors at 60 hertz off of one USBC cable care to share their setup and feedback/suggestions?


I fought HARD to get our boss on board with Lenovo branded hardware for our company instead of the DELL route, as i have had great experiences with Lenovo, but this dock situations blows. Also the two agents I have tried to get help from sounded like they just woke up, like they hated life and were annoyed in helping me. One of them told me that its my monitors and that those numbers are ONLY achievable with lenovo monitors then put me on hold to look for where on the manual it says its ONLY with Lenovo monitors. He couldnt find it, because it isnt true and obviously just wanted me off the phone.




The Docking Station (40AC0135US) blacks out and loses connectivity randomly on multiple computers tried on a few windows laptops and 1 MBP. Tried Multiple Docking station units (I own two sepearate docks of these), different cables, same issues everywhere.  Any one running this docking station with two 4k monitors at 60 hertz off of one USBC cable care to share their setup and feedback/suggestions?


Running latest bios and drivers on all devices. Someone HELP me not return this.




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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

Hi, welcome to the forum.


I don't have that configuration to give it a try, so I can only suggest some trial and error.


You may already did this:

1) Check the X1 Extreme support web site (or any other thinkpad model you use)

I would check to be updated on the following drivers:

- BIOS Update Utility for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad P1, X1 Extreme1.1519 Nov 2018

- Thunderbolt Firmware Update Utility for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad X1 Extreme / / 12 Nov 2018

- NVIDIA and Intel Video Drivers for Windows 10 (Version 1709) - ThinkPad P1, X1 Extreme24.21.14.118121 Nov 2018

- Intel Thunderbolt software for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad P1, X1 Extreme17.4.77.40015 Aug 2018


2) From the dock side:

- ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Driver (22.7 MB)Windows 10Windows 7     V10014


After checking that:

1) How many USB devices you have connected to the dock? Can you progressively try to test the dock without some of the USB devices and see if you lose USB conectivity? Maybe there is a single device causing some conflict there.


2) About the monitor disconecting. I didn't understand exactly how many monitors do you want to use at the same time. We should try to respect the "Display and Video Output Configurations Matrix" and I guess that the "ThunderBolt downstream" refers to the USB-C port conected to a monitor.


According to the dock manual, the USB-C port on the front is USB 3.1 and does not says "Thundebolt", so I'm guessing that a monitor there will not work.  So I don't think it will work with two USB-C thundebolt monitors.


What about connecting other monitors to the HDMI and DP ports on the back of the dock? Does it work that way?




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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

All drivers/bios have been updated and the only USBs i have connected are wireless mouse and keyboards which i have tried with and without the devices same results.


The goal is to have 2 4k monitors at 60hertz each. According to the display and video configurator matrix, THE ONLY way to do this is by using the "thunderbolt downstream" as one of hte outputs.


Not sure what you mean by "According to the dock manual, the USB-C port on the front is USB 3.1 and does not says "Thundebolt", so I'm guessing that a monitor there will not work.  So I don't think it will work with two USB-C thundebolt monitors"


I have tried with many different configurations and none of them do 60hertz, it seems to be a limitation with the dock itself because DP is capable of doing that but instead Lenovo pushes you to use the front thunderbolt usbc port instead of simply using the two display ports in the back.


And just to be clear I am able to do dual 4k at 60hertz just fine and all usbs work just fine as well BUT its for a very limited amount of time. Its random disconnects,stutter and the dock restarts or kills one of the external monitors. Forcing me to disconnect and reconnect. I have also noticed the laptop in general runs a tad bit slower while using the dock compared to running two 4k displays at 60 hertz directly from the laptop (bypassing the dock)


I really wanted this to be the docking solution to reach that perfect one cable solution that I can purchase for all the workstations in my office (I am theIT admin) but this isnt it.


I found other posts relating to issues that i will list below.


1st thread:


Users Response from that thread:

I am running that config and confirm it works fine @ 60hz, with 2x BenQ PD2500Q.  

Sometimes for whatever reason I get mouse stutter when docked, but reboot solves.  

I bought the Caldigit active cable since the bundled cable is so short - it works fine also but $


2nd thread:


User response from that thread:

The issue is with the Thunderbolt dock... not the Ultra or one of the other manual docks.  I still have the same issues with mine, although now that I know how to get around it I'm not on the verge of a mental breakdown anymore.  I still have to open my screen, turn computer on, turn monitors off, plug in the TB power plug, press Function F7 and cross my fingers.  Probably works 80% of the time.  If it doesn't, I put my computer to sleep and start over.  Usually works the 2nd time around.


3rd Thread:


User response from that thread: ( I asked him on the thread if he got it resolved, he never got it resolved.

No, issue never resolved and could not get even a service request through the online done.


This dock has lower than average ratings on Amazon as well with people having similiar issues. It seems this dock works flawlessly if you do multiple 1080p monitors or dont mind 30hertz but anything higher than that the setup becomes unreliable and I cant risk that Lenovo will be capable of solving the issue with firmware/drivers.




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

Oh and I literally just found out that yes this Dock is capable of powering on and "trickle" charging my Lenovo x1 extreme BUT it is not capable of booting it up if the battery is completely dead.


Thee battery died and I connected it via USBC thinking it would charge it up to boot it up and it didnt. I had to go home and get the power adapter to turn it on after a while of getting direct power from the power adapter, I was able to run it off the USBC dock.


This is probably a X1 Extreme thing and not a dock thing but definately something I was not expecting.

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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.



I just purchased some new monitors, I even just finished seting up some new monitors  that I purchased just now off amazon as a last attempt, since I really wanted these docking stations to work, I was willing to blame my existing model of monitor. Nothing, same issues.


Again.  I attempted new cables, new monitors, newest BIOS, multiple configurations (following the manual and the online lenovo display configurator) and to be cleara the docking station does works BUT unreliably. With multiple laptops both Lenovo and not Lenovo, they all do the same thing. They disconnect sporadically, reset lose connection etc.


No one seems to know why. If you get this and run 1080p monitors you would probably be fine anything more resourcesful then that. AVOID. It seems to be poorly rated everywhere, and people just deal with the disonnecting and reconnecting the one wire "every once in a while" to get it back to work. I cant. Imagine downloading a 10 gig folder to an external harddrive having to hope it doesnt "reset" in the middle of it disconnecting all harddrives. Stopping your transfer... or in the middle of a Go To meeting and it resets stopping your headset and showing all your monitors together. No. Thats not going to fly. What a shame.  Since my hope was to equip all our company workstation with these units as a "1 cable solution" and I unfortuanely cant reccomend this dock, even when I really tried to get this to work. I will be returning both units to amazon once another dock I am trying arrives.

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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

I have also been struggling with the Thunderbolt 3 40AC0135US dock. Do we have the same model? My documentation just refers to it as the "Thunderbolt 3 40AC0135US dock", which is slightly different from the "Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US" name in the subject line of your post. Either way, we clearly have similar docks and somewhat similar problems, although I’m only trying to run 2560x1600 displays, not 4K ones.


I’ve gotten the dock to run my three Dell U3014 monitors. Two are running at their maximum 2560x1600 resolution at 59 Hz, but the third is limited to only 1920x1080 at 59 Hz. (The laptop display is disconnected, since my X1 Carbon can’t run more than three displays simultaneously.) I am also experiencing numerous USB driver problems. I may be able to fix the monitor problem by purchasing a Thunderbolt 3-to-DisplayPort or a USB-3.0-to-DisplayPort adapter. I haven't given up yet on fixing the driver problems.


Here’s more detail on my set-up, experience so far, and proposed next steps.


I purchased a new ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen laptop and this Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Dock in December. I believe I have installed the latest available firmware, software, and driver updates for the laptop, the dock, the monitors, and my USB wired keyboard and USB wired mouse, including the latest BIOS. I'm running:


Windows 10 Pro version 1809
BIOS N23ET59W 1.34
Thunderbolt Software Version
Thunderbolt Controller NVM firmware version 40.00

Three Dell U3014 Monitors configured as follows:
Display 1 connected to DisplayPort port on the dock, running at 2560 x 1600 resolution at 59 Hz.
Display 2 connected to DisplayPort port on the dock, running at 2560 x 1600 resolution at 59 Hz.
Display 3 daisy-chained to DisplayPort port on Display 1, can only run at a maximum of 1920x1080 resolution at 59 Hz.
No other peripherals plugged into the dock currently, in order to help me troubleshoot USB device driver problems.

1. Get all three displays running at 2560 x 1600 resolution. I suspect the bottleneck is that the dock can’t run two of my displays at full resolution through one DisplayPort port. Proposed solution: buy and use a Thunderbolt 3-to-DisplayPort or a USB-3.0-to-DisplayPort adapter to plug Display 3 directly into the dock, instead of daisy-chaining it through Display 1.

2. USB 3.0 device driver problems. I have had numerous problems with my USB mouse and keyboard freezing when either one or both are plugged into the dock. The most common problem is that the “Fresco Logic USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller-1.0” is showing a “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)” error. I’ve also experienced various Code 10 and Code 43 errors with the “USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)” controllers. I’ve been able to fix the problems temporarily by uninstalling and reinstalling the disabled device drivers, but the problems always recur. Guided by an article on the web (, I also have tried:
– unchecking the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” box in the Power Management tab of the Properties window for the drivers experiencing problems
– restarting the laptop
– unplugging and plugging back in the dock’s power adapter
– unplugging and plugging the thunderbolt cable back into the laptop
– disconnecting all USB peripherals except for one (i.e., except for the one mouse that I’m testing to see if I can get it working reliably through the dock), including testing it on different USB ports on the dock. (The dock user guide says “For the wireless keyboard and mouse, it is recommended that you connect the keyboard/mouse USB receiver to the USB 3.0 connector located above the VGA connector on the dock.”, so that was my first choice, even though my mouse is wired, not wireless.)
– trying the fixes listed above in various combinations

Finally, I disconnected all USB peripherals from the dock, but I’m still getting the same problems. Just now, in the Device Manager, one of the two “Fresco Logic USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller-1.0” drivers for the dock was showing a “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)” error. I restarted the laptop, and the driver is now fine again, but I expect the problem will soon recur. Can anyone suggest a durable solution?

Hope you find this useful, and if you have any suggestions for me, I would appreciate hearing them!

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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

Yea we are talking about the same docking station.

According to documentation of "compatible screen resoultions and setups"


You can do the following setup.

3840*2160@30Hz (DP)

3840*2160@30Hz (DP)

3840*2160@60Hz (THUNDERBOLT)


I can only ASSUME (because the documentation on this device is medoicre that you should be able to do 3x 2560 x 1600 resolution at 60Hz if you get a thunderbolt to DP ACTIVE cable. I bought a good one on Amazon for 17  bucks from Uni (not sure if i can post amazon links here BUT you should be able to find it pretty easily by searching for USB C to Displayport cable, its one of the or the highest rated Thunderbolt to DP cable on Amazon.

(because LOGICALLY if it can output 2 monitors at 4k/30Hz and 1 monitor at 4k 60Hz at the same time, there is no reason it shouldnt be able to handle your lower resolution easier) right? Shrugs*



I was getting disconnection issues with or without any USB connected to the device, so for me it was NOT USB related. I also tried both enabled/disabled with all USB "power saving" options and i couldnt get it to work.I hope you figure it out, with the exception of making sure all drivers/BIOS is updated you cant really do much. Follow the URL to look at configurators, make sure to read all the "*" as this DEVICE is very specific about which configurations work and dont work. For instance you would think HDMI and DP mean two seperate monitors right? But with this unit you can only do either HDMI or DP2 not both.


I had a horrible time with Lenovo customer support over the phone. One BIG thing to notice, make note of the performance of the computer while connected to the dock.. One thing  I noticed was when it WAS actually working the performance of the computer seemed sluggish. So I connected my two monitors directly to the laptop to TEST (Lenovo X1 Extreme w/ GTX 1050TI) via HDMI and Thunderbolt and the computer was significantly more speedy. I then moved the HDMI and Thunderbolt to the Dock and connected the Dock via Thunderbolt to the laptop and it was noticably slower. So the dock was having some sort of compatibility issue that made everything run slower than if it was connected straight to the laptop. So the slight impact to performance and the fact it would intermittenly disconnect was too much for me to handle.  You would think a NEW Thinkpad Laptop would be compatible with a Thinkpad dock but it was not.


I wanted to order 2 of these units to test on 2 seperate workstations before ordering man more of these Thinkpad Docks to equip all of our workstations with since we are setting up new computers for all the employees but I ended up returning both of the units and ordering 2 TS3+ which have worked flawlessly so far, a bit more expensive but it worked on initial plugin with any cable configuration ive thrown at it and no performance hit at all that i can notice.


Please update this thread with your findings PatrickSiegman fwhether you got it to work or not. It seems this device is poorly rated on a lot of places and all the forums post about this unit end up staying unresolved, it may help the next person shopping for a dock. Like I said earlier in the thread most user should probably be fine if they arent demanding 60Hz or 4k.



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Re: Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 USBC 40AC0135US Review & Struggles. Help me NOT return this.

Ed, thanks for your update. I now have all three of my external Dell U3014 displays up and running reliably at 2560x1600 at 59 Hz using this dock. I've had the displays running  without incident for 8 days now. Displays 1 & 2 are connected to the dock's two DisplayPort connectors. Display 3 is connected to the dock's Thunderbolt 3 connector, using a 6 foot long USB-C to DisplayPort cable. The cable is a generic one that I picked up at Central Computers here in San Francisco for $20. There's no writing on the cable itself. The package label only reads "USB-C to DP cable  4k Resolution @ 60Hz 6ft M/M CE RoHS CAB-UC2DPME1". That's it. No mention on the label of whether it is active or passive, so I don't know the answer to that. However, it was simply plug-and-play and didn't require any new drivers or software, so if I had to guess, I would guess it's a passive cable.


I got my USB peripherals running by plugging a $16 Comkia 4 Port USB 3.0 hub directly into my X1 Carbon laptop. My mouse, keyboard, and printer are plugged into it.  I haven't been able to solve the USB 3.0 device driver problems that continue to plague this dock and cause these peripherals to freeze up, so this is my workaround.

The dock does provide reliable power to my laptop by the Thunderbolt 3 cable, so at least I only have two items to disconnect when I undock my laptop. The dock also provides reliable power to the USB ports for charging USB peripherals, so I'm using it to recharge my wireless headset and headphones.

My remaining problem to solve is getting the dock's USB device drivers running properly, so that I can actually make use of all those USB 3.0 ports I paid for. Looking at Lenovo's website last week, I noticed that Lenovo has begun selling the Thunderbolt  3 Dock Gen 2 - US, which is the next generation of the dock I have now. This new dock was not shown on Lenovo's website back in late December, when I bought my current dock. The main differences appear to be:

– all the USB 3.0 ports have been upgraded to USB 3.1 Gen 2

– 2 HDMI ports instead of one


However, the webpage for it doesn't actually provide the technical specifications. See:


I'm now deciding whether to buy this new Gen 2 dock, or go for the same CalDigit TS3 Plus that I think you bought. Either way, I intend to return my current USB-device-driver-malfunction-plagued dock while I can still get a full refund,

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