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Lenovo port replicator (usb 2.0 with digital video).


I recently bought a E320, a monitor, keyboard and displaylink port replicator separately from Lenovo.


However, I can't get the port replicator to work. The port replicator light is blue and I think that it is meant to go green when it is connected but it doesnt seem to be working for me.


I have installed the driver from the CD that came along with the device (via an external CD drive to make sure it was the right one).


The external monitor is plugged into the port relicator. When I plug in the port replicator to my laptop, only the background comes up on the monitor.


Sometimes, I'm unable to control the mouse pointer as well. 


How do I fix the issue?


To resolve the issue,


1. Right click on your Desktop and then choose Graphic Properties.




2. Look for "Extend my display" option and uncheck it


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rcdwmcd On 2013-09-27, 15:11 PM

Ive got two 20" Acer  flat monitors,  a T430 thinkpad with a thnikpad mini dock series 3. The dock has 1 Display port one DVI-output and 1 VGA output. I am using the vga and DVI conections for my 2 external monitors.  Now i want to use the laptop screen too. in Windows 7, whenever i switch expands the desktop to the laptop screen, one of the other is disabled automatically.

So, all three screans are detected by Windows 7, but tryong to expand the desktop to the third (laptop) screen just disables one of the other. Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to use two external monitors with the laptop screen?v Please advise

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