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Malfunctioning "e" key on N5902 Keyboard of Lenovo Multimedia Remote

I purchased the Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote With Backlit Keyboard N5902 about 20 months ago to use with my Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 HTPC.  The remote has functioned quite well until yesterday when the "e" key on the keyboard stopped functioning for no apparent reason. The remote is in *MINT* condition, but the "e" key now does not work.  Tried replacing the batteries, rebooting the HTPC, moving closer to the unit, etc--all of which did not work.


Although the unit is 8 months beyond its 1-year warranty, I still called Lenovo Tech Support and Customer Service to see what could be done about having them repair/replace this $80 remote.  After speaking with six Lenovo CRs and being transferred 5 times, I finally got a hold of the correct 1-888 number and reached a person who was willing to speak with me about the Lenovo N5902 and the problems I was having.  Although professional, he reminded me that my remote was outside of its 1-year warranty, and in attempt to show me good service, he checked with his manager to see if anything could be done.  I was placed on hold and when he came back, he relayed his manager's confirmation that Lenovo "would not replace nor repair the unit."


I soon realized that I would be the next victim of my own eTechnology--and that I would be the latest user to experience yet another premature failure of a piece of consumer home electronics.


Too bad Lenovo didn't decide to do right by me and replace it.


Cat Mad

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