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Microphone/Headset Jack - splitter needed for combo



Is there an adapter to permit one to use an existing Plantronics headset/mic with two plugs? If so, where might one find it?



The combination microphone / headphone port on the ThinkPad Edge (and many other current models) utilizes 4 separate connections within the port.   Normal headphones with 3 sections to the pin can be plugged in and will function as normal stereo headphones, but an adapater like the one below is needed in or to make use of both mic and headphone function for combination headphone / mic combinations that have separate plugs.  (Those that don't have the correct 4 section plug).



Here is an example of the adapter / splitter listed on Amazon.   There are a number of companies that make competitive versions of this priced between $10 and $15 .

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clasrocker On 2011-06-20, 18:05 PM

That splitter worked OK for me with a cheap desktop microphone that had a stereo plug (tip, ring, sleeve). However, to use an external mic with a mono plug, I had to buy a mono female to stereo male 3.5mm adapter, and plug the mic into that, then into the microphone side of this splitter.

Traktion On 2011-10-14, 12:18 PM

Does anyone have a link and/or search string to buy this sort of adapter? It seems my Googling leads me to lots of splitters, but not of the right type.

Traktion On 2011-10-14, 13:29 PM

To answer my own question, I tracked one down using '3.5mm 4 pin headset splitter'. I hope that saves someone else some time.

bananaman On 2011-10-14, 13:56 PM

Thanks for that Traktion!


There is another version of this knowledge base article which also links out to some threads with proven adapters (See "Related Links":



Ernie_Samuels On 2012-01-02, 21:24 PM

There's also a dongle-based solution to the combo-jack splitter problem here, bit more compact:



enigma56 On 2013-11-11, 22:27 PM

I had a headset with that splitter style, i had to return it because my thinkpad twist still didnt like it.  I ended up buying a usb headset that worked awesomely.  

jamadagni On 2014-01-10, 9:44 AM

Hello. Are there any headsets which directly support the combo jack without requiring an adapter? It seems Lenovo manufacturers headsets as well, but it was not clear to me from the website whether even these support the combo jack.


IMO the combo jack is a somewhat frustrating thing -- can't believe why it would be a better idea than separate jack. Is it to save space or something?


z3019494 On 2014-04-02, 12:17 PM

I purchased one of the combo jack splitters described. Unfortunately it seems that the 3.5mm line-in cable needs to be plugged into the microphone jack of the splitter before the computer is restarted to get it to work.


Is that the experience of others? I'm running Windows 8.1 with latest ThinkPad Edge 540 drivers.

gokhunt On 2019-08-31, 2:53 AM

I bought the 3.5cm male audio to 2 female (speakers and microphone) adapter. I wanted to use the microphone input as a line in input for my Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. However, Lenovo and windows settings do not see any line in and internal microphone was the only input device. I don't know how to activate the line in alternative if possible. Thanks to any comments and suggestions on this.

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