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Punch Card
Posts: 48
Registered: ‎09-08-2009
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Mini Dock Plus 3 and bare drives

[ Edited ]

I have a bunch of drives, most of them regular 2.5" SATA but also there's 1.8" uSATA and though I said bare drives, I do have a delock eSATAp dock. So it's a bit frustrating that the eSATA port on the Dock Plus 3 is not powered. I thought it'd be easy to get an eSATA + USB cable converting to eSATAp female but it turns out finding such a cable is awfully hard. here it is. Also, is helpful too -- converts eSATA and USB into regular 22 pin SATA connector. It's also not something one finds on every corner.


There is one question left. Why on earth the first cable is not Y? Smiley Happy eBay to the rescue

Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-14-2011
Location: Denmark
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Re: Mini Dock Plus 3 and bare drives

[ Edited ]

in a literal sense, it's still y's when it splits in two,

but it's about the connection at the end of the cable


some have external power from another source some external from same source

Paper Tape
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎12-03-2007
Location: California
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Re: Mini Dock Plus 3 and bare drives

So I ordered From your source and got this message back:


Hi Greg

We received an order yesterday prior to yours that completely wiped out our inventory on eBay, AMAZON and our web site.

We will be refunding your order immediately.

The unit should be in stock once again in the next 2 weeks as we have them in production currently.


Micro SATA Cables"


So much traffic from another buyer- I'm wondering if you stirred up a viable solution for the eSATAP  dilemma that all the mini dock plus 3's suffer from.


Thanks for the link, tho- I'm hoping to finally get my 1.5 TB Segate GoFlex to remain hooked up when I take and leave my T420.

Paper Tape
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎12-03-2007
Location: California
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Re: Mini Dock Plus 3 and bare drives

Got the cable, working at 3 GB/Sec with a Seagate Goflex 1.5 TB external drive, according to Intel Rapid Storage Technology Utility, brilliant!


Thanks CHX,