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Mini Wireless Keyboard (N5901) dongle acting up

I've had the N5901 for 5 or 6 months now.  It is actually quite nice and has never acted up.  I've never had range issues or trouble of any sort.  It worked fine the last time I used it (yesterday).  When I went to use it today it wasn't working so I assumed I'd let the batteries die.  Swapping them didn't help so I made sure I had good ones by testing them in a different keyboard I happen to also have.  The batteries worked fine in there.


I assumed there was some odd issue with the dongle so I pulled it from the USB port and plugged it back in.  After getting the "unmounted" sound from Windows, I plugged the dongle back in and now I get a loop.  The device is detected, the computer sits for a second then the device disconnects.  This repeats endlessly from what I can tell.  Using a different port had no affect on the symptoms.  I rebooted the computer without changing anything.  Device manager shows the 4 (might be 5; it's hard to count when it goes so quickly) devices pop up with exclamations just as a normal device.  Instead of installing drivers, however, they disappear only to come back moments later.  It's as though the dongle is in  some sort of power up loop.


To rule out the computer being the problem, I tried the dongle in several other systems (I happen to be an independent IT guy so I have many on hand).  The same symptoms happen on all computers with any OS (XP, Vista and Win7).  I am quite confused; I've never seen any device just up and die like that without acting up first, though I suppose it's possible.


Has anyone else had similar issues with these things?  I rather like the device and would hate to have to shop for an alternate now; besides ... it's in warranty, still.



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Re: Mini Wireless Keyboard (N5901) dongle acting up

haven't really heard anyone reporting this issue yet, maybe it is just one of those once off events (or rare occurrences).

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Re: Mini Wireless Keyboard (N5901) dongle acting up

OK so you are not the only one with this issue I ran into exact same issue and tried multiple PCs. I can't complain as much because ive had this keyborad for almost 2 years. Did you find any solution to this or is there a replacment dongle available.


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