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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎11-10-2008
Location: Germany
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Numlock and ThinkPad Keyboard

Hello Everybody!

At home I am using the new external ThinkPad Keyboard (no numpad) with my Thinkpad T400. At work I am using the same ThinkPad T400 with a different keyboard that does have a numpad. So, at work I do have numlock turned on because I want to use the numpad. When I go home after work and connect my external ThinkPad I do have a problem beacuse numlock is still turned on and the keys for J, K, etc. produce numbers instead if letters on the screen. I think that is kind of unhandy because evey day I have to remember to manually turn on numlock when I arrive at work to use my numpad there and I have to manually turn it off when I return home to use my external ThinkPad Keyboard. That is kind of painful.


Is there a way to make Window 7 remember the numlock state of the different external Keyboards I attach to my Thinkpad? That would be great!


Thanks for your help!