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What's DOS?
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Port Replicator Series 3 fan?

Hi all, I am considering buying a port replicator for my t420, but I also want to have an external fan blowing on my thinkpad when I play games, for instance. I'm wondering if the port replicator series 3 has an internal fan built into it, and if not, would an external fan below the port replicator be of any use in cooling the laptop? Thanks!
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Re: Port Replicator Series 3 fan?

no there is no internal fan. With the replicator attached, there is little point having a fan underneath.

Jin Li

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What's DOS?
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Re: Port Replicator Series 3 fan?

Would the laptop heat up more easily than it would off the dock then?

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Re: Port Replicator Series 3 fan?



I'm not aware that we really see any adverse heat issues with a laptop on a dock.  In some cases, people may dock and use and external display and driving 2 or more external displays could work the GPU(s) harder and lead to some increased system temp, but I don't think it is an issue for most people.




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Re: Port Replicator Series 3 fan?

The design of dock support full air vent using standard air vent built in ThinkPad. No blocks etc.

Therefore no need for additional fan even if you use 100% of CPU and 100% GPU.

Jan Solar
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