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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎08-21-2011
Location: USA
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Problems and suggestions for N5901 Mini Wireless Keyboard.

[ Edited ]

I really like the mini keyboard I use on my mini-PC as a set top box for Windows 7 Media Center applications on my TV  but I have some  problems with it and have a few suggestions if they are going to update or design a replacement for it.


1.  PROBLEM: The Question Mark "?" which is labeled in orange on the "K" key but when you use Fn + K sometimes  gives the forward slash "/" character.


2.  PROBLEM: On the top row of regular keys below the media keys where the numbers are, the characters on the upper part of each of the keys is shown in orange, indicated they are accessed using the "Fn" button but they aren't they are accessed using the "Shift" key.  SUGGESTIONS: Change the color to either white or a different color, possibly blue and also change the color for "Shift" to the same color.


3. PROBLEM: No real standard Fx (F1 to F12) keys.  SUGGESTION: Since the problem listed in item 2 doesn't use the Fn key, label (in orange) and use the same row for Fn + 1 through Fn + 0 as F1 to F10,  Fn + - (minus) as F11 and Fn + = (equal sign) as F12.


4: PROBLEM: No Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys.  SUGGESTION: Label (in orange) and use Fn + Left Arrow for Home, Fn + Right Arrow for End, Fn + Up Arrow for Page Up and Fn + Down Arrow for Page Down.