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Paper Tape
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Solution: Pair Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

This article relates to the Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.


I have taken what I could from the Internet and then done a lot of trial and errors.

This is the result and it seems to work both for pairing the mouse and the keyboard.


Pairing the keyboard.

- Be within 20cm from the USB dongle.

- Remove the batteries from the keyboard if they are inserted.

- Hold down F2, F3 and F3.

- Insert the batteries.

- Wait 3-5 seconds after inserting the batteries and release F2, F3 and F4.

- Press 3

- Your keyboard should now be paired with the USB dongle.


Pairing the mouse.

- Be within 20cm from the USB dongle.

- Turn the mouse off.

- Hold down all 3 buttons and turn the mouse on.

- Release the 3 buttons and wait 1 second.

- Press all 3 buttons simultaniously. The LED should now blink orange a few times.

- When the LED stops blinking then press the center button. The LED should now turn solid orange for a few seconds.

- If the LED did not turn light up, then press the center button again.

- If the LED turned red, then start over.

- If the LED turned orange, then wait until it turns green.

- Your mouse should now be paired with the USB dongle.


I have confirmed this approach on 16 different combo sets ranges over purchases spread out over 3 years and with a random mix of USB dongles, mouse and keyboards, that was leftovers from our 200+ sets in use.

There where no consideration taken to actually try and find the correct pairs based on serial numbers, since this method was easier and pretty consistent.


Hope this can help others out there. Smiley Happy



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Re: Solution: Pair Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Thanks for sharing this information !!!

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Paper Tape
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Re: Solution: Pair Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Hi all, I have couple of these in an office and want to pair them with USB dongles, however even if I follow the guide not even single pair kb+mouse pairs up. Tried it multiple times.

I am starting to be pretty desperate, if anyone would be able to help me and give me some tips how to troubleshoot, I would appreciate it.

At this moment I think that those Ultraslim things are not even worth 10 dollars.
Paper Tape
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Re: Solution: Pair Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Hi, thank you very much for this post. I did it exactly as you described and one mouse (1.) and keyboard (1.) paired well to the dongle (1.) from another broken mouse. Now another mouse (2.) is paired well with another dongle (2.), but I have very strange situation with my another keyboard (2.). I'm doing it as you describe, got it less then 20cm from dongle, pressing F2,F3,F4 and inserting battery, then after +- 4 seconds I release keys, wait one second and press 3 (not on numeric part but that one under F keys) but it does nothing. I just found out that it is somehow paired, because if I press Left Ctrl + one another key it scrolls my screen up Smiley Happy I know this sounds crazy but it really is that crazy. If I press anything else --> nothing happens, but if I press Left Ctrl + something (letters, Tab, Enter, Delete) it just scrolls my active window up (IE / Chrome / Word). Originally I thought my keyboard is broken (somehow) but it does the same with 4 another keyboard so now I have one mouse (2.) paired with dongle (2.) and 5 keyboards (2.) also paired with that dongle but all of them are just scrolling window up while I press left Ctrl + some key (except Ctrl + Alt that does nothing). I also tried to pair keyboard when all other keyboards was without batteries (no interferrence) but it is still the same. Don't you have any idea, what could it be? It is definitelly somehow paired (it gets the command from keyboard and scrolls page up) but it is not working properly. Now I have 5 wireless keyboards (and I have many users with just wireless mice and wired keyboards) but I can't make it work properly (but that 1. one worked just fine). Thank you in advance for any advice.

Paper Tape
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Re: Solution: Pair Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Sorry the late reply.
I am not a regular here and did not think I would have to return to the guide, but Lenovo would otherwise. Smiley Happy

First. There seems to be 2 versions of the product now. This guide is confirmed to work with the version where the F-keys are colored red.


Second. Sometimes pairing is just not functions at all. This seems to be solved with changing the USB port. Simply moving the USB receiver to another slot makes windows set it up again for that slot unless you already have had it in the slot.


I have never tried the partially working pairing as described earlier.
My first guess here would be a driver issue on the current computer, so try another computer to rule that one out.
The product seems to be quite awful documented, since not even Lenovo themself have any knowledge on how to pair it, so maybe there is another key combination that change the ways the keyboard work that you have accidently done. What you describe with doing the F2+F3+F4 and then wait and press the 3-key just below is what have worked for me all the times.

The keyboard in this product set is also quite a bit prone to dust, dirt or crumbles getting into the gap around the keys and jamming the key, so it will not move up again. Slamming the keyboard with the keys downwards into the table quite hard combined with tabbing the stuck key several times hard usually does the trick.
If you have a keyboard connected to your computer with a stuck key, like CTRL or ALT, then this will affect all other keypresses on other keyboards connected and that might also produce a behaviour as you describe.


Hope this helps a bit. Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Solution: Pair Lenovo UltraSlim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Hello, based on the incidence related to the keyboard and mouse ultraslim of lenovo.

Have you found any solution in this regard, I have exactly the same problem?



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