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I am in the process of setting up an image for a T410 with Windows XP SP3 and have found that the Thinkvantage EasyEject program does not see the Mini Dock Series 3, it only sees the CD/DVD drive. Associated with this, there is no Undock option in the Start menu.  With further testing, when the T410 is started out of the mini dock, the wireless card is enabled and works, but when the T410 is docked the wireless card remains active and the T410 now has 2 IP addresses. Also, going into the Hardware Profiles window while docked, and clicking on Properties, both the Dock ID and Serial Number show Unavailable. The T410 has the current BIOS and Intel Chipset.  Does anyone know of a solution to get the T410 to recognize this mini dock.   



mini dock series 3.jpgUsing the mini dock series 3 you don't have to undock to remove the computer. So it's not like when using the advanced mini dock where you had to undock before the computer can be removed. The mini dock series 3 does not include legacy parallel or serial ports that cause the undock requirement.   That is why you don't have the undock option under the start menu or undock options in easy eject when connected to the mini dock since you don't have to undock.



If you don't use Access Connections the wireless radio will not be turned off when connected to the network using a cable. If you use Access Connections you should check that a profile have actually been applied and also the settings to allow the radio to be turned off.   Configuring profiles via Access connections to turn off the Wifi when using ethernet should resolve the 2 IP address symptom.



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