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Token Ring
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The new docks have degraded ??

The old docks (mini series 3) had a version with two passthrough DisplayPort 


I am reading the Ultra dock is a single DisplayPort ran through an MST hub? What ? Now that even IGP supports three displays there is no way to actually use all of the video bandwidth available? 

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Re: The new docks have degraded ??



Can you please post the source of what you have read?


It looks to me that the "Thinkpad Ultra Dock 90W and 135W" has two DisplayPort ports on the back.



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Token Ring
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Re: The new docks have degraded ??

I read Pay particular attention to the 3840 x 2160 @30Hz max when two DP monitors are connected vs 3840 x 2160 @60Hz when only one is. That screams the bandwidth of one signal is split into two, doesn't it?


There are a multitude of blog posts reporting the presence of an MST hub in the Ultra dock (and the problems this caused especially under Linux with originally missing / then spotty MST support):


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