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I would like to purchase the ThinkPad 500GB 7200 rpm Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive from the lenovo store.




1. Does this come with the rails and so fort to place in my W700?


2. Is this the best recommended hard drive on lenovo stores excluding SSD drives 





7200 RPM Drive.gifThe drives don't have the rubber rails included (shown in the pic), but they do have the metal caddy which is important.


There are several considerations in selecting a drive optimized for your particular needs. Assuming you are selecting a drive with the appropriate SATA interface, price, RPM, and Capacity in GB are the main consideration points. 7200 RPM drives are faster in terms of data transfer, but are more expensive than 5400 RPM models of equivalent storage capacity.



You can purchase the rails from IBM Parts Sales. The FRU number is 41V9756 and come as a pair, so you only need to order one item. They cost approximately $25.50.

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