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ThinkPad Stack Router firmware versions

I have two units of the ThinkPad Stack, and have been using one of the routers very happily... however, I noticed the software was out of date and used the Assistant to upgrade it. This failed and I had to resort to downloading the file directly from the website and use fw.bin to update the device. But noticed it actually removed a LOT of manual settings for the network.


The other unit hasn't been updated and I see a clear difference in the firmware. The older firmware allows me to login on the main page, while the new firmware does not have any of these options.


Now I really would like to downgrade the first device and would therefore like to request access to the older firmware version that DOES allow me to modify the network settings, as only this way you can really setup the device to use a bridged mode, eg. to forward DHCP and connectivity from an existing network while boosting/having a good nearby signal. (I do not care if it doesn't work with the ThinkPad Assistant app). This functionality is now lost and renders the device unusable to me now.


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Re: ThinkPad Stack Router firmware versions

I was in the same boat. Updated my stack router, lost access to the web interface.
Found this using google:
Thanks aleph-zero for his findings.


Connect using telnet to stack router (telnet stack.lenovo or telnet from cmd/shell/putty ).

Login and password: root/root.

After that just paste this command: flash set WEB_CLIENT_CONFIG 1 

That's all. Open stack.lenovo or (


And "flash all" - interesting command, a lot of values to play with.


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Re: ThinkPad Stack Router firmware versions

Haven't tried this yet, but surely will over the week. Thanks for sharing!

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