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ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II - Swap Fn and Ctrl?

2020-05-15, 4:18 AM

So I received my keyboard today. Overall, I like it! It's a nice improvement over the generation one keyboard. Using the wireless dongle the connection seems much more stable compared to Gen 1 over Bluetooth. It also allows me to use the keyboard with BitLocker which is a huge plus!


First thing to note, the support page for this keyboard is missing the driver/software download, google to the rescue!



The other thing is, I can't find any settings in the driver/software to enable me to remap the Fn and Ctrl keys on the keyboard. I can do it for the built in keyboard on... all my ThinkPads… why is this option unavailable on this wireless keyboard? I felt this was a huge overnight on the Gen 1 version and was really hoping this would have been addressed in Gen 2. Alas...


Ideally, the wireless keyboard would just obey the BIOS setting used by the built in keyboard. But, a separate switch in the driver/software is fine with me. What's the best way to pass this feedback to the product development team?


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Re:ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II - Swap Fn and Ctrl?

2020-05-19, 1:03 AM

This is a deal breaker for me. I just received my keyboard and I am surprised there is no way to swap Fn & Ctrl. For me Shift+Ctrl is such a commonly used key combination that the awkward positioning of Ctrl to the inside of Shift means I cannot comfortably use the keyboard. I will have to return it.


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Re:ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II - Swap Fn and Ctrl?

2020-06-03, 21:15 PM

I would also like to add my vote for issuing a software update that enabled us users to swap Fn and Ctrl keys with Lenovo external keyboards. Without this update, I won't be recommending this keyboard to others. 


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Re:ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II - Swap Fn and Ctrl?

2020-06-23, 11:54 AM

Hi Weilin


Welcome to the Lenovo forums.


For the issue: can't swap Fn and Ctrl,  I will feedback this to the development team. hope it can be solved by new SW in the future.


Thanks for your sharing.  I will come back to tell you once it be solved.


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