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ThinkPad Travel Keyboard With KVM Switch

Hi All,


I have ordered several Thinkpad USB Travel Keyboards with UltraNav. Model number: 31P9490


All seems to work fine when the keyboard is plugged directly into the USB port of a PC. However, when the keyboard is plugged into an IOGear 2 port KVM switch, the UltraNav features of the keyboard are lost and only the keyboard portion function properly.


The KVM switch has two separate USB ports. One for keyboard (TP keybaord into it) and the other for mouse, which has a standard optical mouse plugged in.


 Since the TP ultra nav keybaord has a single USB, which sends both key and mouse events, I'm assuming that the KVM is simply ignoring the mouse events since the unit is plugged into it's dedicated "keyboard" USB port.


Loosing the ultra nav functionality would be most disapointing and everyone in the office needs to use a KVM so they can work with their ThinkPad and PC computer at thier desk.


Does anyone know of a KVM switch on the market that can support the Lenovo ThinkPad UltraNav keyboard or of any other work around that can help resolve this problem?


Thanks for the help!



Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad Travel Keyboard With KVM Switch

I know this is old, but I had the same problem with the same keyboard recently.  I did find what works though with the IOGear KVM at least.  I plugged the keyboard into the "Mouse" port of the KVM instead of the keyboard port.  This set up and made the ultranav and trackpoint / stick work.  The keyboard keys also still worked so all is still well.


To use the mouse, I plugged it into keyboard (keyboard has 2 USB ports on back) and the mouse works too Smiley Happy  The "Keyboard" port on the KVM remains un-used.



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