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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-23-2010
Location: USA
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ThinkVision L200p menu text has disappeared. Any suggestions?

My ThinkVision L200p (6736-HC9) menu system has quit.  I cannot control any settings.  Currently it is set at a default almost too dim to use.  The lamps are fine and the monitor is capable of very bright operation.  


Before the menus failed, they began appearing in random languages.  But they did work.  I could adjust all the monitor settings.  The monitor was bright and clear and perfectly satisfactory.  


Then one day the menu boxes lost their text.  They are now just empty black rectangles.  Repeated power cycling and some banging on the case have had no effect.


I guess that there could be a loose connector, or worse, that a chip has failed.


Do you have any ideas or experience with a problem like this?   I haven't been able to find any service information. Are recycled boards available from anywhere for the L200p?  





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Re: ThinkVision L200p menu text has disappeared. Any suggestions?

how odl is your L200p? Usually these monitors have 3 years warranty, do you have warranty left?


Jin Li

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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-23-2010
Location: USA
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Re: ThinkVision L200p menu text has disappeared. Any suggestions?

Thank you for the thought, but the warranty expired a while ago.


I did find an L200p service manual at:


Then I opened up the unit to at least check the connectors.  Unfortunately the manual does not match the machine.  The design has been revised and the circuit board designs are similar but different.   At least I'm sure now that the problem isn't a loose connector.  The defect is on the motherboard.  I would guess it is a failed chip containing the code for the on-screen menus.  Maybe it is a memory problem.   


So the best solution, like with most equipment nowadays, is to replace the motherboard if anyone sells recycled boards.  I'm sure a brand new replacement board would be too expensive, and none are listed on Lenovo's pages for this device.


Well, it still can be used in a dimly lit room.