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ThinkVision LT2323p


I just purchased a ThinkVision LT2323p and have connected it via the DP port. However I notice there is a 5mm white line running down the right hand side of the screen. It blocks the scroll bar for IE,w hich is a pain. I can't seem to auto adjust the display position. I've installed the latest driver from but that didn't help. Can anyone suggest how to resolve?

Many thanks



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Re: ThinkVision LT2323p

Hi. welcome.


That line looks very bad and I haven't see anything like that reported before.


I may be some faulty hardware, but let me suggest to do some trial and error first.

1) Can you try connecting a different machine to the monitor? Does it produce the same white line?

2) Can you try a different cable or different port of the monitor? Does it produce the same white line?


If the line keeps showing up with other machine, monitor ports and cable, I think it is time to open up a ticket to Lenovo here:


Give it a try and let us know if something improves.



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