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Paper Tape
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ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

I was very excited to find that Lenovo has relesead this monitor as it had all i was looking for: an USB Type-C input, a USB Hub with at least 4 more USB ports AND the DP-out port! Finaly I thought I can connect my laptop using a single wire and get all that I need:

- two screens to extend my desktop to

- external keyboard,mouse and soundcard

- wired ethernet (via USB adapter)

- charging for my laptop


So I ordered 2 such monitors and I rushed to connect them. Here comes the dissapointment: The video signal from the type-c usb input gets mirrored on the second screen (daisy-chained on the DP-out port) and the menu for turning on/off the daisy chaining option is grayed out.


I connected my laptop to the DP input (via a type-c to DP adapter) and was able to activate the on screen menu and turned daisy-chaining on. It works, I have 2 screens now and i can extend my desktop but I've lost all the other features as the only type-c port on my laptop is used by the adaptor.


DisplayPort Alt Mode of my type-c port supports multiple displays (as proven by using a simple type-c to DP adapter) but the Lenovo display refuses to use the type-c input as a source for DP daisy-chaining. Is there some hidden option? Shall I expect a firmware update to be able to use it this way ?


I've returned to using just one screen now, as it allows me to take advantage of the screen as a port replicator. But I'm still hopefull that connecting the second screen as an extention instead of a mirror is somehow possible.





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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

Hi, welcome to the forum.


I'm going to be honest, I don't have that monitor or much experience with USB-C video displays, but I have interest to know your configuration. Which is the laptop you are using ? which USB-C hub are you using?


I was checking the support site of the monitor:

The user manual does not says anything about USB-C daisy chaining, just DP port Daisy Chaining.

2017-09-21 - p27h10_61af_ug_english.pdf.png


So I ordered 2 such monitors and I rushed to connect them.

Just to understand it better. You have both monitors connected with the DP cable, and you connect one monitor to the USB-C port of your laptop and does not daisy-chain, right?


What about if you connect both monitors to the USB-C hub ? It is not daisy-chaining, but at least you will be able to extend the video image and not just duplicate it.



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Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

Hi and thanks for your answer and suggestions!


You've got it right: I have the monitores linked with a DP cable (from DP-out to DP-in) and I connect my laptop to the USB-C input of the first monitor.  This results in a mirrored display (with DP chaining set to off it appears that the DP-out port will emit whatever image is on the monitor from any other source)


I've tested the chaining as described in the manual and it works: connecting a signal cable on the DP-in port enables the menu option for chaining and that in turn presents a second monitor to my laptop (dell xps 13). If I connect the signal on usb-c after enablig this menu option the second monitor stays black. I strongly belive it is a firmware issue at this point.


I don't have a USB-C hub. For the testing above i have a USB-C to DP adapter (Delock 62727). 

I'll look into a usb-c hub as a workarround but it kind of defeats the fact that the ThinkVision monitor itself provides all the ports that I need missing just one function


Best regards

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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

Hello gents,


I did the same thing as you with the only difference being my laptop: X1 Carbon Gen5.

If i connect the two monitors with DP cable, but the source on the 1st monitor is USB-C, then we do not have DP daisy chainning. If the input on the first monitor is DP then it works.


This is a huge letdown. Maybe someone from Lenovo can step in and shed some light.



Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

Late to the party, but I think the propblem may be that daisy chaining is a function of DP. My thought is when the display sees the signal is USB-C it does not allow for daisy chaining only duplication. It's just a theory, but I know the standards groups can be pretty proprietary with features trying to prove theirs is the best. If/when I have some time I'll dig into it and find out.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

Kicking up the dust on this.  Anything to update?

What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

I managed to get mine working with two P24H displays.


1) Laptop ( X1 Carbon 6th Gent ) -> Connected by USB-C to Monitor 1

2) Display Port Out ( indicated with an arrow DP-> ) is connected to the DP port on Monitor 2

3) Display Port Out is enabled on Monitor one through the settings in the menu.


The QSG ( quick setup guide ) is quite misleading as it shows the daisy chaning differently.  Hope this information helps.


Caveats: Please note that the 2nd display that is receiving the signal from the primary wont work for USB devices on that monitor (including the charging port ) so unless you can somehow daisy chain the USB hub from monitor one to the 2nd display with a USB cable then the Usb hub on the second monitor is basically useless.


Also, in the display settings monitor 1 shows a resolution of 3840x2160 (59p Hz)  and monitor 2 is 2560 x 1440 (59p Hz).

However, to my eyes the resolution appears to be exactly the same on both screens and the information in the monitor menu shows 2560x1440 on both as well


Overall I must say this is a quite impressive setup and eliminates my need for a dock.


I do have an issue however; with the USB-C port on the 2nd display.  It does not work or my laptop is not agreeing with it and the screen flashes contantly, so there seems to be a defect and  I will be replacing the faulty monitor. 


But for the time being, by all means you can pull off a dual display setup connecting to your laptop with a single USB-C connector that also charges your laptop.


Make sure all your firmware is up to date along with Windows drivers as I did have one incident where upon returning to my office the laptop was overheating and not turned on.  There was a BIOS fix that needed to be applied.


Hope this helps!

What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining


I'm testing this device to check if we can deploy it at large level in my company and I identify the same problem as describe above on some p24h-10.


Some monitor works and other it is not working, it depending the micro code version of the monitor. I find no information on firmware update on Lenovo web site and the european sales manager confirm that there is no firmware upgrade for this monitor.


So you have in supplier stock monitor P24h-10 for which it will works and other where daisy cahin will not work. so it is currently a lottery and my recomandation if you want daisy chain feature is to not select the Lenovo monitor until Lenovo come with a clear answer and solution for this problem.


Best regards

What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

I got this working.


I have the P51 and the 2 x 27h-10 monitors.


I connected laptop to monitor 1 via DP and then monitor 1 to monitor 2 via DP (out) to DP.


I turned on daisy chain via the menu on monitor 1.


I then unplugged the DP from the laptop and connected via USB-C to monitor 1.  I then selected USB-C as input via the menu on monitor 1.

Might be worth checking you've got "extended desktop" setup correctly in Windows Settings (assuming you're using Windows).


I have an external keyboard and mouse plugged in via monitor 1 usb hub and they work fine.  I've also plugged in a usb-ethernet adapter and that also works.


The only thing that isn't working is USB-C charging which is the single remaining thing I need to resolve!


EDIT: I've realised that the P51 doesn't support charging via USB-C!!!





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Re: ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

It appears that this was resolved in newer versions of the P27h-10.


I recently received a pair of these monitors with manufacture date 2018-06-25. The onscreen information shows USB-C microcode version 2.9.


I connected a ThinkPad X1C6 to the first monitor with the provided USB-C cable, enabled "DP Daisy chain" in the OSD menus, then connected the 2nd monitor using the provided DP cable. The display then extends across all 3 monitors (i.e. the laptop display + the two monitors).


I did not need to connect the first monitor to a computer via DP to enable the DP daisy chain setting.

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