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Re: Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Bricked after FW Update

2019-03-05, 22:15 PM

Ok thx for your help


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Re: Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Bricked after FW Update

2019-03-06, 1:39 AM

I fought what appeared to be the same issue all weekend with my P1 ThinkPad 20MD. Dock and monitors stopped working and the device manager showed Thunderbolt hardware on the laptop not functioning. After removing Thunderbolt software and drivers and trying to reinstall (repeat several times), it seemed to just get worse and the device manager started constantly refreshing. I tried to update the Thunderbolt firmware on the laptop but couldn't due to an SDK not found error (0x208 and 0x209). I couldn't connect to the dock at all and when connected would lose my wifi connection. The Thunderbolt software install seemed to be corrupted every time as I couldn't open the software - it would start to run and then disappear; same thing happened when trying to view attached devices from the icon in the system tray.


The following steps worked for me this morning:

  1. Removed all Thunderbolt drivers and software, left the dock unplugged
  2. Updated the laptop bios to the latest version dated 04 Mar 2019
  3. Installed the Thunderbolt software and driver to the latest version dated 15 Aug 2018
  4. Updated the Thunderbolt firmware on the laptop to the latest version dated 12 Nov 2018
  5. Plugged in the dock – the screens started working at this point

I updated the dock firmware to the latest version as well after that was working. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!



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Re: Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Bricked after FW Update

2019-04-13, 1:04 AM

I also bricked my Dock (gen 1) in December by updating the firmware with lenovo vantage.

I tried everything that I found in this Thread and in the Internet, but didn't got it working.

All Thunderbolt 3 Drivers are reinstalled, all dock drivers also. The dock also doesn't work with other Notebooks.

I tried to update the firmware of the dock, but was not successful.


But I found out an interesting thing:

When I connect the dock with the front TB3 connector and plug in the power afterward, the dock connects to my t480. But it seems to be only the case for a fraction of a second.

When I start the Firmware updater, this is what I get during this procedure.

"TBT3 dock attached.
Intel WHL tool check version!
Intel KBL/SKL tool check version!
TBT3 tool error! SDK_NO_DEVICES
Intel tool can't work.
TBT3 dock detached."


Additionally, the red "i" on the dock is blinking.


Anyone here who can help me?



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Re: Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Bricked after FW Update

2019-04-14, 23:00 PM

Just wishing to add my voice to this thread so that lenovo can see how what an overpriced piece of junk they have sold.


Personally I think these docks should be pulled from the shelves now, they have completey failed at QA.


I have a USB-C dock and though it was a pain to setup the first time, once it worked it was great. Then a couple of months ago I had to reinstall windows after my drive was wiped as part of a warranty repair - I thought "hey all good I'll get the latest drivers and the computer will be runnig really good". I then saw lenovo had an online update tool - great no faffing around like the old days, Im down with that.


Unfortunately it installed an update on the dock and boom its never worked again.


What a joke - I couldn't beleive it. Now all it does is power the computer. No usb ports or video out - which is kind of the point of a dock.


This is now a very expensive power supply....


Lenovo if you read these - I recomend you either patch these back to life or do a product recall. 


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