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Thinkpad X1 Yoga and Thinkpad Onelink+ Dock

I have a X1 Yoga tablet and I connect to two external monitors and a stereo receiver via 3.5mm jack through the Thinkpad Onelink+ Dock. When I put my computer to sleep while connected to the dock and then proceed to wake it up I have this issue where it doesn't recognize the dock as a playback device in the audio menus anymore. Even though the monitors work fine, the computer automatically defaults to playing audio through the computer itself and I can't route it anywhere else because it doesn't recognize any other hardware. So I try to restart my computer to solve the issue but when I attempt that the computer just falls into an unresponsive state in the middle of the restart process. The light indicator on the power switch is green affirming that the computer is on but there is no other response or sings that its running. I end up having to hold the power button down to powercycle the computer and get it into operation again.  What could be causing this issue? and it would be great to have it solved... 

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Re: Thinkpad X1 Yoga and Thinkpad Onelink+ Dock

Hi, welcome to the forum.


Maybe it can be interesting to confirm that you are using the latest BIOS, firmware and drivers after all.


Check that your Thinkpad X1 Yoga BIOS is at the latest level, there had been some fixes for the Onelink+ on some BIOS updates. Download it from the support page of the Thinkpad X1 Yoga.


There is also the support site of the Onelink+. Please update the firmware and the drivers.


After updating that three things, check out if you still have the sound adapter issue.



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